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"Niki Athens Hotel" is a family business established in 1975, since then it is an integral part of the tourist product of modern Athens. We have created a hotel that has been built with consciousness at its core, taking care of today for a better tomorrow. Its presence is dynamic in the tourist market where the high tourist appeal is due both to the hotel's central location as well as to the friendly environment that the staff offers its guests. The elegant and thoughtful architecture combines modern organic design with the ethical values of sustainability and ecology.

The recently renovated building is located on the same street, "Niki", right in the heart of the capital of Athens. Its location is an ideal place to stay, as the main archaeological, cultural and tourist points of interest surround the hotel. Important sights such as the Acropolis, the temple of Zeus, the most interesting museums in Athens, the old town of Plaka, Syntagma Sq, the market in Monastiraki and Ermou, the National Gardens, the Hellenic Parliament, numerous of the best restaurants and entertainment venues, as well as several Metro stations are within walking distance of the hotel.

Beyond the location that is undoubtedly one of our strongest points, guests prefer the "Niki Athens Hotel" for their stay as it is an eco - friendly hotel in Athens and welcomes its guests to an environment of individual organic design, combined with sensual and ethical pleasures. Our 100% plant based restaurant "Winners", uses fresh,   best-quality, health-supportive ingredients prepared with healthful cooking techniques with an eye on local, seasonal, sustainably grown real food. At the same time, the hotel with its youthful, minimal and stylish aesthetics provides 23 individually furnished rooms with natural materials as well as a spacious Loft suite overlooking the Acropolis, which is an ideal accommodation for the most distinguished travellers. The breakfast that we serve also includes a selection of vegan dishes.

The name of the "Niki Athens Hotel" comes from the ancient goddess "Niki". The goddess of Greek mythology "Niki" personified victory-glory. Its symbols were the Golden Sandals, the wings and the wreath. 

The name of ¨Niki Athens Hotel¨ was inspired by the Greek goddess, wishing to give a symbolic and always timeless characterization to the hotel, according to the needs of the time, similar to the one represented by the ancient goddess Niki.

Guiding force throughout the course of operation of the hotel is nothing but "NIKI" (glory) which, despite all the political, social, cultural, environmental and economic challenges facing the state and modern Athens, the "Niki Athens Hotel" continues to operate dynamically and successfully among the tourist enterprises of the country.

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